TVGS Election Night (April 26th, 6:00pm)

Once every 4 months, we elect coordinators from among the volunteers to help run TVGS.

The poll for each position is available here:

The election poll will be out very soon, so stay tuned!


  • Help Us decide who are the next round of coordinators!

Show & Tell

  • A quick update on what’s happening in the local area.
  • A showcase of updates to projects developed around the area.

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TVGS Community Night (March 22nd, 6:00pm)

Come one, come all to the monthly Community Night!

After listening to community feedback, we are pleased to announce the improved Community Night format:

Community Updates (TVGS members)

  •  A presentation on what’s happening in the local area.
  •  Any recent updates regarding TVGS.

Show and Tell (YOU!)

  • Project updates! (Tell everyone about your current project, what you’ve learned, what’s new, and where you’re going!)
  • Time dedicated to serving the community at large! (Do you want to present a game idea for feedback? Need people to help out on it? Need some brainstorming to help flesh it out? Have some concept art to show?)

Update: The Community Room is booked, so we are in the THINQubator for the evening of this event.


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Community Projects Shark Tank

TVGS Community Night and Shark Tank 11 (February 22nd, 2017)

Welcome to the community, projects, and shark tank event!

If you have a project that you need help with, this is the time to request any assistance from the community! TVGS has a goal to help create local games, and there are multiple projects ongoing.

The night is divided into 3 sections:

Community Announcements / Project Updates and Demonstrations

As part of the “Community” aspect of the Night, we discuss the latest events we have held, the upcoming events we will hold and open the floor for any other events and/or groups to talk about what is going on with them.

In addition, if you have a project going on and/or want to show off your latest work in Unity, Game Maker, etc., this is an excellent time to provide updates and/or demonstrations! For demonstrators, please inform us ahead of time how much time they’d like to spend demonstrating.

Post Mortem

The end of a month of working hard, the winner of Last Shark Tank presents the progress made by their team of volunteers. As a recap from last Shark Tank up to that night, the leader of the Enchanted City game project talks about how the team helped her get closer to her goals.

How did they do? Did they succeed in their goals? Did they fail? What did they learn that they can teach others? Find out tonight.

Shark Tank

And now, for the main event: Do you have a game idea you need a group of people to help out on, over the course of a month? (could be a game proposal you need help setting up, a project that has slowed down in progress, a game nearing completion and just needs testing, or something else entirely)

Here is your chance to do just that.

We do need to limit the total number of pitches for scheduling purposes. Therefore, if you wish to participate in the event, we ask that you please RSVP in advance using the registration form:

If you intend to pitch, but need help preparing one, fell free to contact Community Night Coordinator, Chris Spahn, and he will be more than happy to set up time to help you out.

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