Impossible Poker Post Mortem

[Cross-posted from Omiya Games] So, I’m programmer, been consistently making digital games every month, and yet, made a card game for Global Game Jam this year. Oddly enough, I found the experience to be more challenging than the common perception would imply. While the development process of the prototypes and iterations were quick and easy,…Continue reading Impossible Poker Post Mortem

Global Game Jam 2015 Post Mortem (January 28, 2015)

We have a meeting at the Game Space on January 28th, starting at 6:00 PM EST. This time, we’ll be discussing about what it was like to make a game in 48 hours at the Global Game Jam 2015. You can sign up in the Meetup below. Global Game Jam Post Mortem Open Discussion Wednesday,…Continue reading Global Game Jam 2015 Post Mortem (January 28, 2015)