Lift Off 2019: Diversity and Representation

Freelance e-sports journalist and diversity advocate, Amanda Stevens, provides an in-depth workshop on why diversity and representation is important in the media that we create. In addition, they provided some strategies on adding more representation in media, including uses of writing, music, characters, etc. After the presentation, each participant reviewed with their mentor how their…Continue reading Lift Off 2019: Diversity and Representation

Lift Off 2019: Project Management

TVGS’ Lift Off Diversity Incubator continues with a presentation on Project Management for Game Development by college professor and former Studio Manager of Cinematic at Telltale, Becky Arcovitch. She provides a primer on what project management is, why it’s important, what the common practices are for game development, and provided an example of a schedule…Continue reading Lift Off 2019: Project Management

Extra Life 2019

Play Games. Help Kids. Join us for Extra Life 2019! Extra Life is a yearly event that brings together thousands of gamers around the world to support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Tech Valley Game Space is hosting a ton of fun activities and offering special prizes to those who donate to Extra…Continue reading Extra Life 2019