The Volunteer Coordinators are at the heart of TVGS. Learn more about these roles here, and consider running for a volunteer coordinator position!


The Education Coordinator is in charge of organizing lessons and helping to maintain a steady schedule of TVGS-led classes, workshops and other educational activities both at the co-working space and elsewhere.

Goals & Responsibilities:

  • Develop a curriculum for classes and workshops that are suitable for summer and after-school programs
  • Establish a group of instructors and a payment structure for teaching
  • Create alliances with local groups to find interested partners and potential host locations for teaching off-site classes
  • Expand the teaching capabilities of TVGS by obtaining additional resources such as new equipment and software


The Events Coordinator is in charge of ensuring that a wide variety of different group activities and community gatherings are occurring at TVGS on a regular basis.

Goals & Responsibilities:

  • Encourage TVGS members to organize new types of events
  • Provide administrative support to event organizers to ensure that they complete the necessary preparations, such as:
    • Booking the space
    • Obtaining any required materials (equipment, snacks, etc.)
    • Promotion (providing event description/image, creating meetup & facebook events, inviting people, etc.)
    • Hosting/running the event
    • Recording & broadcast (audio/video capture, taking photos, livestreaming)


The Outreach Coordinator is in charge of building awareness of TVGS throughout the Capital Region and beyond, as well as helping our community connect with various groups and form mutually supportive partnerships.

Goals & Responsibilities:

  • Improve meeting attendance and size/diversity of TVGS membership
  • Keep track of relevant local events and encourage TVGS members to attend
  • Advertise and promote TVGS via media coverage, speaking engagements, email newsletters, and by establishing collaborative relationships with leaders of other community groups
  • Take charge of gathering photographs, videos, and other media recordings during events for promotional purposes


The Communications Coordinator is responsible for developing a strategy for communicating with members and the public across a range of channels, including social media and the TVGS newsletter.

Goals & Responsibilities:

  • Increase the number of subscribers/followers for TVGS social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter/Youtube) and find ways to improve engagement levels
  • Moderate online discussions between various TVGS-focused social media channels
  • Ensure that photographs of past events and notification of upcoming happenings are communicated in a coherent manner across all TVGS channels
  • Improve meeting attendance and size/diversity of TVGS membership


The Web Master Coordinator is in charge of making improvements to the TVGS website and streamlining our online presentation to make it more accessible and prominent.

Goals & Responsibilities:

  • Refine the layout of the website to streamline navigation and make the most essential information more prominent
  • Update and maintain the TVGS website and other relevant TVGS accounts
  • Edit and upload audio/video/photos from events and co-working (pending permission) to the TVGS channels


The Fundraising Coordinator is in charge of seeking out new sources of funding, managing the organizational budget, and ensuring that TVGS remains compliant with all relevant tax requirements to maintain non-profit status.

Goals & Responsibilities:

  • Expand our fundraising efforts by exploring new sources of revenue including membership payments, grants, sponsorships and donations
  • Handle accounting and treasurer duties
  • Ensure that all non-profit paperwork and tax documents are filed in a timely manner
  • Gather metrics required for active grants (event attendance, volunteer time tracking, etc.)
  • Help sort out contracts and other legal/liability details


The Co-working Coordinator is in charge of fostering the growth of the co-working community at TVGS by making improvements to the communal studio space to create a more ideal working environment for members, while also maintaining a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for visitors.

Goals & Responsibilities:

  • Gather feedback and ideas from current users, prospective members, and event attendees
  • Prioritize areas of improvement (security, startup business support services, etc.) and enlist the help of the community to devise and implement solutions
  • Communicate with Center of Gravity leadership to negotiate change requests, and serve as an advocate for TVGS community members during CoG planning discussions
  • Promote cleanliness and accepted hygiene in the physical location