Game Club: Portal and Portal 2 (hosted by John)

Get ready, space cadets, because our monthly Game Club (think book club, but for games) starts now! Our next host is John, and his selection is:

Portal and Portal 2
Genre: First Person Puzzler
Developer: Valve Software

Here is John’s description of the game:

These First Person Puzzlers throw you into the depths of the Aperture Science Research Facility, forced to run through tests conducted by the diabolical computer GLaDOS who taunts you and shuffles you around as you try to escape.

As usual, this podcast is filled with spoilers!

Game Club – Episode 23: Portal 1 & 2
Youtube version | MP3 download | OGG download
All music in order: “Science is fun,” “Robot Waiting Room #3,” “Robot Waiting Room #2,” “The Reunion,” “Franken Turrets,” “Wheatley Science,” “Test,” “Concentration Enhancing Menu Initializer” (plays twice), and “You Saved Science” composed by Mike Morasky.

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