Game Club: RPGMaker Horror Game Collection (hosted by Taro) (July 20th, 7PM)

Get ready, space cadets, because our next monthly Game Club (think book club, but for games) will start on July 20th. Our next host is Taro, and his selections are:

Genre: Survival Horror
Developer: kouri
Length: 2-3 hours
Description: A small girl finds herself in a haunted art gallery where all the creepy art comes alive.

Hello? Hell…o?
Genre: Experimental Horror
Developer: tachi
Length: 0.5-1 hour
Description: Every day, a man enters a one-room apartment, where nothing is quite what it seems.

Yume Nikki
Genre: Surreal Horror
Developer: KIKIYAMA
Length: varies; with guide, 3-4 hours
Description: Unable to, or unwilling to, leave her own apartment, a girl passes time by exploring her own dreams.

The Witch’s House
Genre: Survival Horror
Developer: Fummy
Length: 2-3 hours
Description: Unable to escape from the forest, a small girl enters a haunted house in search for a solution.

As usual, these selections are meant to be played before the time of the meeting. RSVP at the links below!

rsvp-facebook rsvp-meetup

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Taro Omiya is the founder of Omiya Games, an independent game studio and a #OneGameAMonth challenger. He has experience in game, software, and web development. よろしく!

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