Game Club: We Love Katamari (Hosted by Taro) Aug 16th, 7:30PM

We’ve made some major changes to how we run Game Club! Check out all the details here!

Get ready, space cadets, because our next monthly Game Club is starting! Game club is a monthly group discussion on a game chosen by a selected host. Our next host is Taro, and his selection is:

We Love Katamari
Genre: Third-person puzzle-action
Developer: Namco

The King of All Cosmos grew to stardom after taking all of the Prince’s Katamaris and replacing the stars. His fans knew no bounds and wished to see more Katamaris fill the sky. The king of all Cosmos desired to appease all of their requests and recruited the Prince and his cousins to help.

The discussion will take place on August 16th. As usual, this selection is meant to be played before the time of the meeting. A few hours should be enough

RSVP at the links below!

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