[IGDA Albany] Cooperative Game Design Principles (January 4th)

This month’s IGDA Albany speaker is Tom Sarachan, and his talk is entitled “Cooperative Game Design Principles: Lessons Learned through Research and Testing.”

The talk will begin at 7pm, but feel free to arrive around 6 and stay until 9 if you’d like to mingle before and after.

Talk Details
Building a cooperative game poses its own unique challenges. How can we avoid hostility between players? What do people want out of this specific form of entertainment? In this talk we’ll discuss how to address these and other issues, with concrete examples and guidance for designers.

About the Speaker
Tom Sarachan is a lawyer-turned-game designer. Recently he was part of the team that created Nosedive, an IndieCade Table Games Selection. He is currently pursuing an MFA in game design at the NYU Game Center, and arriving at the realization that he has to get rid of some of his wargaming miniatures to make room for a baby due in March.

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