[IGDA Albany] Postmortem: Get your fists up for Rumblecade’s Rockabilly Beatdown! (August 3, 2016)

As part of the regular schedule, we’ll be re-posting descriptions for the Albany IGDA talks that occur at TVGS on the first Wednesday of every month.

This month’s speaker is Jason Harlow, and their talk is entitled Postmortem: Get your fists up for Rumblecade’s Rockabilly Beatdown!

The talk will begin at 7 PM, but feel free to arrive around 6 and stay until 9 if you’d like to mingle before and after.

Talk Details

Jason Harlow presents Rockabilly Beatdown – an “endless puncher” by Rumblecade. Rumblecade was founded by artists who love games as much as they love art. In this postmortem Jason will discuss what it’s like for a small team to go it alone and create a business, a brand, and their first game.

About the Speaker

As a Senior and Lead Artist across dozens of titles over the last 15 years, Jason plies his artistic and technical skills across multiple industry disciplines. From the single pixel level to complex models and rigs, any encountered complexity is just a new opportunity to learn. World-traveled, teacher, and ardent troubleshooter, Jason wholeheartedly embraces all that games and art have to offer.

Learn more about Rumblecade at:

As usual, please RSVP in the Facebook or Meetup.

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