Lesson Night: Armory (September 12th, 6:30pm)


Jamey Stevenson


While modern 3D game engines like Unity and Unreal are “free” in terms of their initial usage fees, they are still proprietary tools that come with various hidden costs and restrictions. Open-source tools (such as Godot and Blender) are essential, because they remove these limitations and provide true game development freedom.

Thankfully, open-source game making tools are rapidly increasing in both quality and availability. This month’s lesson will focus on Armory, a promising new open-source 3D engine that fully integrates with Blender to provide a unified environment and workflow for game creation.

If you’re already familiar with Blender, this is a great opportunity to learn how to create games directly within the Blender environment. If you have never used Blender, this is a perfect time to get acquainted with a popular and invaluable set of open-source, cross-platform game making tools.

What to Bring

Laptops will be provided, but we suggest bringing your own if possible. You can install Armory at armory3d.org/download.html.

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