Lesson Night: Making Visual Novels with Ren’Py – Rebooted! (January 10th, 6:30pm)

Continuing our series of updating past Lesson Nights, we will be covering the most popular Visual Novel engine, Ren’Py!


Frederika Edgington-Giordano


Almost three years ago, in February of 2016 , TVGS had a lesson night on Ren’Py. Since that time, Ren’Py has had some updates.

Ren’Py is a great introductory tool to create visual novels, which are a form of “choose your own adventure” stories that mix text and images. This lesson is appropriate for participants of all ages and backgrounds. There is no prior experience required!

What to Bring

Laptop with Ren’Py (http://www.renpy.org/) installed (available for free on Windows, Mac, & Linux)

RSVP at the links below!

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