Lesson Night Remastered: Crash Course Introduction to Unity (September 19th, 6:30pm)

Presenter: Taro Omiya

Our next monthly game-creating tutorial will return with the basics: an introductory tutorial on Unity. This will be a hand-on course, so please come in with your laptop with Unity installed! We’ll be making a simple 3D first-person perspective game that will cover the following topics:

• Importing pre-made assets
• Creating objects with super-fun physics
• Using images to add visually-pleasing patterns to your objects
• Learn what the heck materials are, and how to make your game look realistic (or shiny)
• How to manipulate the sun with lighting
• Adding sound effects
• Get a quick introduction on scripting

Note: please download Unity version 2018.1 or higher. Once finished, open Unity, login, then switch to your favorite web browser and navigate to the link below. Click the button, “Add to My Assets” to download the assets to your computer.

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Taro Omiya

Taro Omiya is the founder of Omiya Games, an independent game studio and a #OneGameAMonth challenger. He has experience in game, software, and web development. よろしく!

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