Lesson Night: Unreal 4 (November 15th, 6:30pm)

Presenter: John Ceceri III

Description: Learn the basics of Unreal Engine 4! We’ll be taking a look through the other major 3D game engine available, and learn your way around using it by creating a small game of laser tag. This tutorial takes a brief look at some of the tools and workflow of UE4: creating levels, setting up animations, designing AI, and more.

Special Notes:
-We’ll be using Unreal version 4.18
-Unreal requires signing up for a free Epic games account.
-The minimun requirements for running are high for most machines, if you don’t have a laptop you can bring, we’ll be streaming the lesson on twitch and taking questions from the chat, so you’ll be able to follow along at home.

About the instructor:
John Ceceri III is a 2015 Game Design graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology. His one big game so far was SlapFriends which was featured at GDC’s Experimental Gameplay Workshop and Indiecade. He’s currently working on more weird games he’s biding his time to talk about.


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