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Ludum Dare 33 games made here at Tech Valley Game Space

Howdy! Apologize for the late post, but two weekend ago, we’ve had an amazing time creating games within the 48 or 72 hour time frame for the Ludum Dare online game jam. This Ludum Dare’s theme was, “You Are The Monster,” and we’re excited to present the results:

Moon Witch

A side Scrolling Shooter starring a witch.

Fly On The Wall

2-Player Puzzle Game. One player is the Scientist, the other player is the Fly. Entering different teleporters at the same time will combine DNA and give special abilities. The objective is to enter the same teleporter together to become normal again.

Huntingman Championship

A sport about killing the highest weight of animals!

This game is a top down, single screen arena, where the player moves around the environment looking for animals to kill. The animals will have AI that makes them run away from contact and the direction of damage. Animals will not always die from one hit, and there will be gore and real sounds to make the experience horrifying. The player must drag the bodies back to the house by hand, and will move slower depending on the weight of the bodies. Some weapons will cause the animal to lose weight from overkill. Better weapons can be found in the Shoppee. Are you a monster?


A quick 5 minute or less game. Even quicker if you don’t like it.

“You are the monster”! All you need to do is hit space and watch it unfold.

There is a secret revealed when you complete the game, so spend those 10 minutes unlocking everything because frankly, it’s worth it.
(There’s been a lot of people stating they can’t figure out the secret… Think of konami, and if you still can’t get it googling “Konami” and “secret codes” should get you there 😉 )

Can I Haz Monsters?

As a traveller in a foreign land, you must learn the language of these strange creatures to let them help you make your way through. Find all the alien words and talk to everyone you meet, and you could unlock the power of the monsters!

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