Ludum Dare 40 games made here at Tech Valley Game Space

Hello, fellow Space Cadets! We’re bringing back an old classic where we list the latest games created in the capital region of New York from game jams.  With Ludum Dare 40 over, here is what’s new!


You find a castle, in hopes of gaining treasure, but you find Dracula and he sends you into the deepest of Dungeons. He also turns you into a vampire, laughing as he returns to the highest spire. Being a ninja you escape your cell, but can you avoid the lights, and enemies that come your way while collecting all the gold?

Randomly Relentless Rumble

Get to the door without dying! Watch out for spiders and the things that they carry. If they drop an item, you are cursed to pick it up and use it as a weapon. Not all items are good weapons (glass items, for example) and not all weapons can be used more than once. The more items you have, the more you switch between them! You don’t get to pick which weapon you get to use next (you know, because of the curse…)

Dream Catcher

The idea behind this game was originally to make a beat-em-up where you chose the number of hearts you entered the level with. Your character became more “corrupt” the more hearts you took, however, if you died you would get more corruption than if you just went in with max hearts.

Obviously the game is highly unfinished, but I still wanted to hear what some people might think about where exactly the flaws are or what they would like to see if the game were to continue. I plan on making updates to this game once the rating period is over based on everyone’s feedback, so feel free to keep it downloaded if you’re curious to see where it goes.

Stuck in Parallel

Spelunker Johny discovers one of the greatest world mysteries: colored lanterns that reveals a new world! With the cave’s main entrance closed off, however, he must rely on these lanterns to hop between different parallel universes and reach towards the exit. But what dangers lie behind these unexplored territories?

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Taro Omiya

Taro Omiya is the founder of Omiya Games, an independent game studio and a #OneGameAMonth challenger. He has experience in game, software, and web development. よろしく!

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