Ludum Dare 42 games made here at Tech Valley Game Space

It was an exhausting, 72-hour long journey, but we’ve returned from Ludum Dare 42 successfully, Space Cadets! The theme this time was, “running out of space,” where each team took a very different perspective on. Here are the latest games created in the capital region of New York from this game jam:

Open Spaces

Agoraphobia is the abnormal fear of being in crowds, public places, or open areas, sometimes accompanied by anxiety attacks. This is a visual novel designed to create awareness for this form, and other forms, of anxiety and depressive disorders. Your character decides how to interact with other characters, who either show you support or impatience. If you make decisions to isolate yourself, or let the negative thoughts take you, the dark mass of “Fear” creeps further and further into your mind. There are many ways to combat anxiety, and there is no single solution for everyone, but seeking support is always a good first step. This is the first game I have written and designed and it could not have been completed without the incredible talent of the members of Tech Valley Game Space in Troy, New York.

Trigger Warning: This game includes depictions of anxiety through audio and visual elements which may be difficult for some.

Thinning the Herd

Human overpopulation is becoming a major problem, time for nature to thin out our numbers. Click any part of the world to call forth natural disasters and monstrous creatures to bring down the human population as it continues to go up. All art and audio is original.

Hachi Block

Hachi Block is a combo-focused Tetris-based puzzle game! Score high by dragging blocks into a grid and creating a three-in-a-row horizontal or vertical block formation. Stay alert, however; don’t let the blocks rise to the top of the screen!

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Taro Omiya

Taro Omiya is the founder of Omiya Games, an independent game studio and a #OneGameAMonth challenger. He has experience in game, software, and web development. よろしく!

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