New TVGS members: Ilium VR

More exciting developments here at Tech Valley Game Space! We are pleased to welcome the team from Ilium VR, who will be operating out of the TVGS co-working studio beginning this week.

The Ilium VR team consists of three computer science students from RPI – Robert, Sebastian and Jazmine – who have worked together for multiple years on many different successful projects. They have spent the last few years making advanced projects at hackathons and for research. Between them they have backgrounds in mathematics, machine vision, computer architecture, game design and development, embedded software and hardware, and robotics. They have each worked for successful startups such as Apprenda, Vital Vio and Nest Labs. Now they are putting their skills together to try to make an impact on virtual reality.

For more information about Ilium VR, be sure to visit their website – and don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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