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China, 50 B.C. The emperor has uncovered an old text in the Palace library that speaks of the geography and ecology of the country. Learning that many of the creatures described have not been seen in great number recently, he began a project to try to find and preserve any surviving members of those species for the future. You (the player) have been chosen to act as chief explorer, caretaker, and gardener, tasked with learning about the magnificent plants and animals of the land, and creating a garden preserve(s) that they can live happily and safely in. But, word of these creatures soon reaches the wrong ears, and the player must also have to defend the preserve from poachers. Based on the book Shan Hai Jing (The Guideway of Mountains and Seas), and the video game Viva Pinata.

Looking For

3D computer artists, AI programmers, digital ecology programmers, concept artists, researchers, translators, sound designers, people who are good at business planning, animators, people with know-how about ancient Chinese art