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Flatland Meets Survival Horror. Plane Defensive has the player defend their home on the plane against invaders from the third dimension. Proximity detectors are used to predict where the invaders will strike, so that the player can best defend their resources with deflectors, which can kick the invaders back out. The current interface is point-and-drag, and the claustrophobia of two-dimensions, as well as the mathematical impossibility of shelter, are intentional.


Looking For

I feel comfortable tweaking the mechanics and designing additional levels and objects myself. But the game could be much improved with better sound effects to increase clarity of action, some background music to set the tone, and a visual upgrade. Long-term I want to take this to 3d vs. higher dimensions, a step I am tentatively calling Brane Defensive™.

This means that in terms of collaborators, I may at some point start looking for at least one each of sound and visual designers, followed by a 3d modeler at a later stage. It would be great to work with people who could add interesting audio-visual aesthetics to complement the logical, physical, and thematic concepts my vision is currently based upon.