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Nicholas Maddalena

Team Members

  • Nicholas Maddalena


In “Star Power,” You play as the leader of a party of three adventurers exploring a goblin filled dungeon

Your party consists of:

  • EDRIC, THE ORANGE PALADIN who fights with his sword
    Edric is also impervious to hammers.
  • LANA, THE PURPLE ROGUE who fights with her shurikens
    Lana is also impevious to arrows
  • ERIYAL, THE BLUE MAGE who fights with her electric magic.
    Eriyal is also impervious to axes.
  • and YOU, THE SLIGHTLY SLEEP DEPRIVED LD CONTESTANT who fights with ratings.

How does fighting with ratings work? Like this:

At the start of your turn, you may apply ratings to your party and to the enemies they face. When you hit “CONFIRM,” the following things will happen:

  • enemies will attack first. They will attack with the weapon that you gave them the highest rating on, because that is the weapon they will feel most confident with. They will deal damage equal to their rating on that weapon. Enemies also target the lowest rated members of your party, because they appear the most vulnerable.
  • players will attack second. Players will also target enemies with the lowest total star rating, and deal damage equal to their player rating.
  • Finally, enemies will receive bonuses to any weapons that you rated with only one star. Receiving such a low rating makes them self-conscious, and motivates them to train more and increase their skill with that weapon. The bonus gets factored into their damage and their rating with the weapon when choosing how to attack.