EGX 2019

Meet TVGS at Empire Game Expo (July 13th, 10:00am)

Ready for the major gaming convention at the Capital Region of New York!? Empire Game Expo, or EGX, is a new convention held at the Red Lion hotel on July 13th, from 10 am – 7 pm EST. From notable guest speakers, to fan art vendors, from a wide collection of retro games, to new and upcoming indie games, there’s everything here for the gamer in you! Naturally, TVGS team will be there at the lower floors between table 87 through 89. Come check us out!

Admission to the event is $10.


Check Out TVGS at Electric City Mini Maker Faire (May 5th, 11:00am)

Maker Faire is a gathering of creatives focused on STEAM topics, from engineers to artists, scientists to crafters. This upcoming meeting will be held at the Electric City…or Union College, at Schenectady, New York. TVGS will be joining on May 5th, 11:00 AM EST.

You can RSVP at:

Meet TVGS at Troy 100 (May 13th, 5:00pm)

Troy 100 Forum is a local meeting where people share ideas to better the life of Troy, New York. This upcoming meeting will have a panel and a host of tables representing the local game studios and game makers in the area. Naturally, TVGS will be there, too: come check us out at the Bush Memorial building on the Russel Sage College campus on Monday, May 13th, 5:00 PM EST.

You can RSVP at the links below!


Check Out TVGS at Colonie Central High School’s STEAM Festival (May 18th, 11:00am)

What better way than to celebrate the amazing world of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) than a huge festival? Tech Valley Game Space will be representing at the
Colonie Central High School in their annual STEAM festival (part of their local Raiderfest), providing kids of all ages a brief look at game making! You can join us on May 5th, 11:00 AM EST, naturally at 1 Raider Blvd, Albany, New York.

For more information on the festival, visit their website, or check out their flyers!

Ludum Dare 42 games made here at Tech Valley Game Space

It was an exhausting, 72-hour long journey, but we’ve returned from Ludum Dare 42 successfully, Space Cadets! The theme this time was, “running out of space,” where each team took a very different perspective on. Here are the latest games created in the capital region of New York from this game jam:

Open Spaces

Agoraphobia is the abnormal fear of being in crowds, public places, or open areas, sometimes accompanied by anxiety attacks. This is a visual novel designed to create awareness for this form, and other forms, of anxiety and depressive disorders. Your character decides how to interact with other characters, who either show you support or impatience. If you make decisions to isolate yourself, or let the negative thoughts take you, the dark mass of “Fear” creeps further and further into your mind. There are many ways to combat anxiety, and there is no single solution for everyone, but seeking support is always a good first step. This is the first game I have written and designed and it could not have been completed without the incredible talent of the members of Tech Valley Game Space in Troy, New York.

Trigger Warning: This game includes depictions of anxiety through audio and visual elements which may be difficult for some.

Thinning the Herd

Human overpopulation is becoming a major problem, time for nature to thin out our numbers. Click any part of the world to call forth natural disasters and monstrous creatures to bring down the human population as it continues to go up. All art and audio is original.

Hachi Block

Hachi Block is a combo-focused Tetris-based puzzle game! Score high by dragging blocks into a grid and creating a three-in-a-row horizontal or vertical block formation. Stay alert, however; don’t let the blocks rise to the top of the screen!

Ludum Dare 41 games made here at Tech Valley Game Space

Hello, fellow Space Cadets! With Ludum Dare 41 over, we’re here to bring up a list of the latest games created in the capital region of New York from this game jam. The theme this time was, “Combine 2 Incompatible Genres,” which certainly stretched the imagination of these creators. Check them out!

Idle Research Clicker

Do some research, see what happens.

Spike-Stricken Love

What do get when you blend obstacle-avoiding action with text-based dating?

The answer is Undertale. This game is completely different.

SmackTalk! Live Teaches Typing!

Type the text shown for each part of the promo. Take as much time as you need and then press the “Talk Smack!” button. For each segment of the promo, half-credit is given for capitalization mistakes, and no credit is given if there are any other mistakes. If you get enough credit, more than half of the credits possible, after finishing the promo, you will get a good ending for the promo, and otherwise you will get worse endings. Finish all 4 promos to go to the credits and complete the game!

SmackPaint! Combat Painting with Ross Bob

Paintsmack! Combat painting with Ross Bob. NOW WITH CREATIVE MODE!

Grab your paint and tap “A” to do happy little brushes against the canvas. Do your best to finish the painting before all the happy little critters steal away with your paint or the time runs out. Take a picture of your masterpiece afterwards and share it with the world!

Fantasy Fighter

This game is a top-down, turn-based, fighter. The game as an experiment and opportunity to learn C++ and the SFML library. Unfortunately, the best fighter elements weren’t added, but the mechanics are written down in the

Salty Scuttle

Being the Ludum Dare after Valentine’s Day, it seemed like the perfect time to work on a 2 player cooperative game for gamers to enjoy with their significant others. But, given the theme, what genre could we combine with cooperative play to make a truly romantic experience that would bring couples together the world over? The answer was clear: QWOP. In Salty Scuttle, each player controls one leg of a crab who is trying to migrate to their new home for the new season. Try to help them go as far as possible without flipping them over onto their back!

Social Night: Doodle Fail (April 11th, 7:00 pm)

It’s social night again and let’s celebrate with board games, card games, social games, and of course, video games! Time to get together, gather ’round some games, and get social! Feel free to bring in some of your own games, too!

Got a project to show off? Bring it in, and let’s play it! Want to bring your own VR? Everyone and every gaming news item, project, idea, and gadget are welcome!

This month’s optional theme is a locally developed card game titled, Doodle Fail. It’s a silly party game about sketching a picture based on a sentence generated by 3 cards. Come check it out!

RSVP at the links below!

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