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We have accomplished so much together during the past year. The continued growth and success of Tech Valley Game Space has been a group effort, and we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize the contributions of our members and give thanks to the various people that have offered their hard work and talent to help build up TVGS into such a thriving community.

Due to the overwhelming amount of support we have received, it is extremely difficult to compile a comprehensive list of everyone that has helped us out since TVGS began. However, this is merely the first of what we hope will be many more “thank you” lists to come. If you don’t see your name listed, please don’t take it as an indication that you haven’t had a positive impact on TVGS! Everyone that has attended our gatherings or joined in our online discussions has been an integral part of TVGS, and we are extremely grateful for your involvement and enthusiasm.

Enough with the preamble, let’s get to the thanks!

  • First and foremost, thank you to Taro Omiya for putting in a tremendous effort to help make TVGS better – we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish nearly as much without Taro’s tireless work over the past year
  • Thanks to Terence Tolman for helping to spread the word about TVGS far and wide, for creating our logo and other promotional art, and for taking the initiative to lead a variety of collaborative game projects
  • Thank you to Keith Morgado for all of his assistance in establishing the web presence of TVGS
  • Thanks to the rest of our volunteer officers, including Phillip Demick and James Lang, for helping out with various administrative tasks
  • Thank you to all of the paying members that have utilized the co-working space in the past year and have made generous financial contributions to keep TVGS going, including Alana O’Hair, Anthony Rossello, Brion Sarachan, Sebastian Sarbora, Robert Rouhani, Jazmine Olinger, Ian Stead and Jason Gum
  • Thank you to Mattie Brice, Anna Anthropy, Zoe Quinn, Tanya X. Short, Phoenix Perry, Catt Small and Nina Freeman for inspiring us with their ongoing efforts to foster inclusive communities for aspiring game makers and continuing to spread the message that games are for everyone
  • Thank you to everybody who provided advice and guidance about the process of running a co-working space for game makers, including Tobi Saulnier, John Futscher, Ben Reichert, Ryan Wiemeyer, and William Stallwood
  • Thanks to David Bryce for giving us a home and a place to grow, and being so supportive during the early stages of our community’s development
  • Thank you to Laban Coblentz, Tom Tongue, Kathy Ceceri, Erica Rinehart Iannotti, Mick Cipollo and everyone else at the Tech Valley Center of Gravity for their invaluable assistance
  • Thank you to Sunny da Silva and Joseph Mastroianni at The Arts Center of the Capital Region for their generosity and creative encouragement
  • Thank you to our friends and fellow community organizers at the Albany IGDA including Brian Shurtleff, Drew Wright and Darren Malley for helping to make the Capital Region game development scene more vibrant
  • Thanks to Astra Wijaya, Robert Denner and everyone else who volunteered to teach classes at TVGS and help share their expertise with others
  • Thank you to Laquana Cooke for allowing us to contribute to her ongoing efforts to provide game development education to young people in the Capital Region
  • Thank you to Spencer Johnson for his willingness to work together to plan collaborative events in conjunction with TVGS and the RPI Game Development Club
  • Thanks to all of our Game Club participants such as Dylan Bramblett, John Ceceri III and Joe F Spiro for the many lively discussions, and for sharing your perspectives
  • Thank you to the many local game makers that have attended our meetings and game jams, including Jase Harlow, Ampera, Tess Miller, David Allinger, Tess Cloud, Steven Bouteiller, James Taggart, Tracey Carroll, David Joseph, Lee Crippen, Danny Mejia, Amanda Kirk Cohen, Jason Bentley, Micah Fowlkes, Joshua Johnson, Julia Alsarraf, Melysa Acevedo, Kathleen Ruiz and Marc Destefano
  • Thank you as well to the assorted developers who have joined in with TVGS remotely, including Morgan Malott, Ben Palmer, Meg S Capelli, Laurel Gattenby, Jon Liu and Chase Bethea
  • Last but not least, a big thank you to all of the folks from other organizations that have gone out of their way to lend their support and encouragement, including Nicole Auryn from 1st Playable Productions, Ben Chang from RPI, Elizabeth Greenberg from Sage and Jennifer Goodall from UAlbany

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