TVGS Community Night (December 27th, 6:30pm)

It’s the end of the year! Brave the cold and come join us for the End of the Year celebration!

Community Updates (TVGS members)

  •  A presentation on what’s happening in the local area.
  •  Any recent updates regarding TVGS.


End of the Year Review

Come down and celebrate the past year with us.

  • What have we accomplished this year?
  • What games were covered with Game Club, lessons covered at lesson night, etc.?
  • What projects were worked on?
  • and more!

Show and Tell (YOU!)

  • Project updates! (Tell everyone about your current project, what you’ve learned, what’s new, and where you’re going!)
  • Time dedicated to serving the community at large! (Do you want to present a game idea for feedback? Need people to help out on it? Need some brainstorming to help flesh it out? Have some concept art to show?)

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