TVGS Transmissions: Dev’s Play – Plane Defensive (Feb 24)

Welcome to TVGS Transmissions! This is our weekly livestream event where we’ll be playing video games with the TVGS community! You are welcome to be a part of the stream by coming by the the space during the stream, or by joining online on our Twitch or Youtube channels! Please be aware that if you participate you will be audibly and possibly visually recorded.

This week is Dev’s Play, where we’ll be playing through a locally-made game with the developer! This session we’re featuring Plane Defensive made by Klil H. Neori

About the Game:

Plane Defensive is tagged as “flatland meets survival horror”. It is several iterations on the idea of a player constrained to a two-dimensional plane having to contend with invaders from the third dimension, using limited information gathered from sensors inside that plane. Klil presented these iterations for feedback in monthly Interactive Showcases at the Arts Center, as well as at Troy By Design. The latest version can be found at

About the Dev:

Klil moved to Albany from Israel in 2010 to pursue a PhD in physics. After graduation, he got involved in indie game design through TVGS, and is now a software engineer at Flyinside Inc., whose main product is a virtual reality interface for flight simulators.


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