TVGS Transmissions: Dev’s Play Rockabilly Beatdown (March 31st)

Welcome to TVGS Transmissions, this is our weekly livestream event where we’ll be playing video games with the TVGS community! You are welcome to be a part of the stream by coming by the the space during the stream, or by joining online on our Twitch or Youtube channels. Please be aware that if you participate you will be audibly and possibly visually recorded.

This week is Dev’s Play, where we’ll be playing through a locally-made game with the developer! This session we’re featuring Rockabilly Beatdown made by Jason Harlow of Rumblecade.

ROCKABILLY BEATDOWN is an “Endless Puncher” action arcade game for iOS and Android. Choose your hero and punch your way through a streaming horde of hellish denizens for as long as you can last!

About the Dev:

As a Senior and Lead Artist across dozens of titles, Jason plies his artistic and technical skills across multiple industry disciplines. From the single pixel level to complex models and rigs, any encountered complexity is just a new opportunity to learn. World-traveled, teacher, and ardent troubleshooter, Jason wholeheartedly embraces all that games and art have to offer.

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