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Volunteer Coordinator Selection Meeting (June 1, 2016)

Everything we do at Tech Valley Game Space is enabled by our enthusiastic members and volunteers. We are so grateful for your support, and we’re always striving to find new ways to leverage our collective energy to help the Capital Region game dev community thrive.

We believe that the key to doing that is enabling all of you to take on a more active role in helping our local game development scene grow and flourish. That’s why we are introducing an opportunity for a few dedicated volunteers to step up and improve the community by joining our team of TVGS Coordinators.

If you are interested in becoming a Coordinator, please indicate which role(s) interest you by filling out the volunteer sign up form before the selection meeting. The initial group of Coordinators will be chosen at this meeting, so be sure to attend if you don’t want to miss your chance to help determine who gets chosen to fulfill these roles.

For those signing up for a Coordinator role, please note that all candidates are required to attend the selection meeting in order to be eligible for a Coordinator position.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP via our Facebook and Meetup events.

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